Blakey’s Bean Coffee is a Melbourne born company that provides clean tasting, locally made products that will nourish your soul and caffeinate your brain.

With a focus on the community and sustainability, Blakey’s Bean Coffee sources locally made ingredients and biodegradable packaging. You are drinking a coffee that not only supports local Australian businesses, but also doesn’t hurt the environment in the making.

Which means that no guilt comes with your coffee hit!

We strive to create an organic, fresh, excellent tasting coffee that won’t break the bank, or your stomach! With regular sized coffees that only cost $3 and a variety of dairy free milk products for those of us from the lactose intolerant community.

Blakey’s Bean Coffee is also available for private hire; weddings, ceremonies, birthdays, corporate events or anything else you can think of! Our coffee bar is fitted with a professional coffee machine and fridge that can serve all your beverage needs!

If you’re wondering who is Blakey, and why Blakey’s bean? You will have to catch us on the road and ask in person. You won’t be disappointed.

Blakey’s Bean Coffee