Who supplies our beans

Sirius Coffee is a proud Melbourne based company entrenched in the rich, passionate and intoxicating world of coffee. Sirius Coffee provides us fresh, rich, aromatic coffee blends that meets the needs of any serious coffee drinker. All blends contain 100% Arabica beans and are sourced from some of the best coffee bean plantations around the world. Our coffee blend is strong. The end result is aromatic, with African currant and plum like overtones tied in with a good balance of acidity. Our coffees are deep and rich in colour, have a strong-bodied flavour and a mild atier taste.

Sirius Certified Rainforest Alliance Coffee

he Sirius Certified Rainforest Alliance Coffee is for those who are passionate about protecting our wildlife and habitat. Certification is one way to guarantee that coffee farmers maintain wildlife habitat and other environmental benefits, while protecting the livelihood of coffee farmers. Which means when you purchase a coffee from us, you will contribute to help farmers control costs, gain efficiencies and improve crop quality.

Our Coffee Machine

We operate with an Expobar Coffee machine, model Megacrem. Our stylish and reliable espresso machine was hand built by skilled professionals, with only the best quality components, this machine demonstrates Expobar’s strong attitude towards quality craftsmanship and technology. Our coffee machine is a 10-amp machine capable of producing 450 cups of coffee in 3 hours, so we are very well versed for small and big crowds.