Our non-diary milks are supplied by local Australian company, Pure harvest. At PureHarvest, it is their mission to provide and distribute products that create healthier and happier people. By providing the highest quality organic and natural products, we aim to foster the growth of the natural products industry. Every purchase you make is a vote for the way in which the product was grown and processed. We encourage you to consume products that nurture your health, and the health of our environment.

Organic farmers do not use chemicals (pesticides, fungicides or fertilisers) in an environmentally harmful manner. Organic growing methods are earth friendly, weeds and pests are controlled using environmentally sound practices which sustain the health of our planet.

Growing food organically reduces toxicity in the soil, air, water and in our bodies. It is for these reasons that organic food tastes better and is better for us and our community. Many of the so called “healthy” non-diary milks are loaded with plenty of additives. Some of the most common ones are: carrageenan (407), gellan gum (418), mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids – glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate (471), lecithins (322).

Blakey’s Bean coffees ensures that our products are as simple and ‘clean’ as possible, so we ensure that we stay very clear of any of the above the ensure we stock to the Pure Harvest ethos of:
Simple, healthy and natural products that contain no nasties.

We stock and supply other organic products alongside our coffees

Coffee Syrups

With coffee syrup flavours that are all natural and organic, we are proud to offer flavours that will transform your coffee experience. They are Gluten free and made with all Natural Colours & Natural Flavours. This syrup is made with raw sugar and is Vegan Friendly. 100% Australian made and owned by Alchemy Cordial.

Sugar Alternatives

We understand that not everyone takes their coffees with sugar, so we offer the cleanest stevia option. We use a natural stevia that is safe for diabetics, and this product is non-GM and has absolutely no artificial chemicals, alcohol or glycerin.

Hot Beverages

Our range of Chais are all dairy and caffeine free. Our Chai range is gluten free and the ingredients include nothing more than spices and plants. We pride ourselves on providing non-dairy options, even extending to our hot beverages other than coffee. And our Hot chocolates are also dairy free!


Teas are a necessity, and that is why we offer your 3 essentials. Black, green and Chamomile. The teas we stock from Clipper, the world’s first tea company to switch to plastic-free, non-GM, unbleached tea bags! With a transparent company highlighting the values of Natural-Fair-Delicious. We couldn’t agree more.